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Thai Yoga Massage & Coaching for the relief of emotional stress
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Sessions with Sitara

The further we live from our full expression, the more imbalance we experience
in every aspect of our life. People often feel far from their full capacity and an intuitive knowing that their physical, mental & emotional health are interconnected.

Sitara Healing Therapies offers clearing and upliftment through Thai Yoga Massage, Sound Therapy and Ayurvedic and Life Coaching.  


The more your real self shines through, the more you naturally uplift the world around you.

“You're like that lighthouse when you're lost and you don't know where you're going”
- Peter 

If you're feeling..


Stiff, inflexible

Aching, moderate pain

Heavy, lethargic

Sensitive, overstimulated

....Thai Yoga Massage Sessions with Sound Therapy help people feel deeply relaxed, reset, more mobile and lighter in their bodies. 



If you’re feeling…. 



….in your relationships or in your life, I can help you. My clients walk away from our Coaching Sessions feeling deeply seen, served, happier and confident. 

Sitara Healing Toronto West End Thai Yoga Massage
Sitara Healing Toronto West End Thai Yoga Massage


Thai Yoga Massages (60-90min)

Sound Therapy - Included 

Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle counseling - Included

  • Calming space designed to soothe & uplift the spirit

  • Mental clarity & emotional reset through meditative experience 

  • Deep relaxation through massage & passive stretching 

  • Customized diet & lifestyle shifts through holistic science of Ayurveda


Coaching Sessions (60min)

Life purpose, Relationships, Lifestyle & more


  • Naturally grounding and accepting presence

  • Inspiration & empowerment

  • Uncovering root issues, underlying opportunities,  
    guiding you towards your fulfillment 


  • Practices and tasks to help you integrate and propel you closer to achieving your goals 


 * Sitara is not a licensed psychotherapist or counsellor*

Sitara Healing Toronto Thai Yoga Massage West End
Sitara Healing Toronto Thai Yoga Massage West End Wychwood


I have a way with people, and
there I plant blessings & love

Nature equipped me with an ability to reach people at their core, nurture their essence and help them feel calm.

Years of meditation, joyful organic, vegetarian, sugar-free, gluten-free cooking, and integrating goals make it fluid for me to understand how our daily life practices can enhance the quality and impact of our lives. 


My training in Thai Yoga Massage Therapy has offered me more ways to express the art of giving, after 15+ years of taking care of children, cleaning homes, and re-designing rooms into soothing spaces.


With this addition of bodywork and Ayurveda, I've created a fusion of elements into my practice with clients to serve my eternal purpose - to nurture and uplift. 

I am currently licensed with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.

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Sitara Healing Toronto Thai Yoga Massage West End Wychwood

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Tel: +1 (438) 995-3881
St Clair West & Christie Street, Toronto ON

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