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“My first experience with thai yoga massage with Sitara was so relaxing and meditative. I left feeling much lighter in my mind and body” 

- Phoebe

"When she came in I could see she was stressed underneath her smile, and when she left she was totally recharged, she just - she was shining, she was glowing. I was like aww, here she is, back to her usual self."

                                          - Franziska's observations
                 of a client before & after a Session

"Sitara offers a unique emotional touch. I appreciate how she is very considerate of my body with consistent check ins of how I'm feeling while being attentive to my body's limitations.


I think anyone with back pain, sore post-workout muscles, anyone who participates in physical activity, or anyone who is simply looking to relax and reconnect with their body would benefit from a session.


I feel like my voice is always heard and respected while having a conversation with Sitara. After our sessions, I always feel more motivated to take better care of myself. It inspires me to be more while also being forgiving of myself through a more compassionate acceptance of my life and progress.


Anyone who might feel like they need some guidance on relationships, personal issues, family matters, or is in need of any type of emotional support would definitely benefit from a session with Sitara."

- Jessica 
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