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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you write a receipt for my health insurance benefits?
    Having trained in Quebec, unfortunately it is only the health benefits in Quebec that would cover my services. I am not an RMT, which is the insurance requirement in Ontario. I am licensed as a Thai Massage Therapist with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. You can write a letter to your insurance provider asking to have Thai Massage added to your health benefits using the Thai Massage letter template in the following link: thaimassagecoverage There are many skilled practitionners that would love to have their services recognized, your letter writing could perhaps make a difference!
  • Are there oils?
    No oils are directly used on the body, the massage is fully clothed. Aromatherapy oils are used at the end of the session depending on the needs/desires of the client.
  • What should I wear?
    Thai Yoga Massage is practiced in stretchable or loose clothing. Yoga clothes are great, or anything you simply feel comfortable in. If you wish to wear shorts, it’s best if they are relatively long so that you are well covered during all leg mobilizations. Bear in mind the body temperature drops while laying down, though an abundant supply of blankets and pillows are always available.
  • Do I have to do Yoga?
    Yoga is active - you use your muscle strength to move your body into positions. Thai Yoga Massage is passive - your muscles are relaxed. Your body is massaged, stretched and moved by the practitioner. The way your body is placed is similar to yoga positions, but all that is really required of you is to relax and breathe!
  • I'm not flexible - will that hinder the massage?
    Not at all. Massages are customized to every body type and flexibility. The massage can help you with your flexibility, because it will meet you where you are at, and soften the tension wherever you feel a limitation.
  • Morning vs Evening. Will I be too tired after?
    The beauty of Thai Yoga Massage is that even when it is deeply relaxing, it will not leave you groggy for the rest of your day. Many people like to do these before they start their work day. If you are having difficulty in moving forward, it will refresh you with a boost of energy. If you are stressed, you will feel calm, grounded and clear. Please note: evening appointments are unavailable, weekends are offered instead
  • Will it be intense like the massages I’ve had in Thailand?
    My practice is gentle and will not cause any pain. I gently move deeper into the muscle or stretch paying attention to how your body responds. Clients are always welcome and encouraged to express themselves throughout the Session.
  • Do you perform massages on a table?
    All massages are taken place on a large padded mat on the floor, rather than a massage table. The mat is grounding and comfortable for clients. It allows me full range to move around with ease and to fluidly customize postures with blankets and pillows as needed.
  • Who is this best suited for?
    I work with: Sedentary office workers, artists , yoga instructors, university students, dancers, martial artists, avid gym goers, etc. All ages, sizes and levels of flexibility can receive a Thai Yoga Massage. If you are pregnant: it is best you come during your 3rd trimester. I strongly recommend prenatal massage therapists, as they specialize in working with pregnant women. I have worked with pregnant women, but I will always refer you to who I think would serve you best. If you have chronic pain, injuries, serious conditions or mystery pains: My sessions are aimed to deeply relax and unwind tension. Although chronic pain can be addressed in my sessions, I mostly help release moderate body pain. If you are seeking help with injuries and serious conditions, I may refer you to Action Potential Therapy - my partner with whom I offer couples massages. He specializes in chronic and unexplainable body pain, and can be reached at
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