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Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

Intuitive knowing

Reconnecting with your body - cultivating mindfulness, intuitive knowing, intuitive decision-making

Nutrient circulation

By activating the circulation of blood and lymph, your body can send nutrients & support cellular healing wherever is it needed

Deeper relief

Releasing tension in ways that are difficult to achieve on your own

Receiving vs doing

Being in a receiving mode - recharging the inner resources that you require in all facets of your human experience


Increasing oxygen through conscious breath brings health to your cells, blood, cognitive functions, metabolism, body’s ability to create energy


Increasing flexibility and your range of motion - helping you feel better in your body and going further in your workouts

Healthy Hormones

Shift into a positive state by increasing oxytocin, dopamine & serotonin levels - assisting your problem-solving, compassion, and motivation 

Nervous system

Soothing the nervous system - the most important operating system of the human body, regulating hormones and the healthy functioning of all organs

Human basic needs

Experiencing Loving touch - an essential human need and increases serotonin


Calming the mind - allowing you to experience more of your natural truer self

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