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Sitara Healing Toronto Thai Yoga Massage West End Wychwood

About Sessions

By continuously feeding the health of our
minds, hearts, bodies, and lifestyle,
we increasingly raise the quality of our lives and the quality of presence we hold. 
Sitara Healing Massage Sessions

Thai Yoga Massages


Sound Therapy - included 

Ayurvedic rebalancing - included

Sessions provide:


  • A supportive space designed to soothe & uplift the spirit

  • Mental clarity & emotional reset through meditative experience 

  • Deep relaxation through massage & passive stretching 

  • Customized diet & lifestyle shifts through holistic science of Ayurveda

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Coaching Sessions


Life purpose, Relationships, Lifestyle & more

Sessions Provide:


  • Naturally grounding and accepting presence

  • Inspiration & empowerment

  • Uncovering root issues, underlying opportunities,  
    guiding you towards your fulfillment 


  • Practices and tasks to help you integrate and propel you closer to achieving your goals 


 * Sitara is not a licensed psychotherapist or counsellor*

Sitara Healing Toronto Thai Yoga Massage West End Wychwood
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